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Created by Robert McPherson (aka Professor Fanaticus)



The main idea of this writing centers on my life long interest in the mystery of life after death. It has been a long road of discovery starting with a childhood belief. It culminated in the experience of the magic of the sacred mushrooms which reinforced my already held beliefs into actual experiences. I no longer have faith in it, but I have knowledge of it. The important thing to say is that I believe that I know and that I aint kidding. Stonehenge is an ancient metaphor in stone that describes the mystery. It is a map of the unknown universe. I think I have hit on many new concepts. So if you believe in life after death and don’t worry about specific theology or fundamentalist belief systems, I am sure you will find this writing very interesting.

I have heard of late, a new theory. The theory is that Stonehenge is a symbolic replica of a vagina. Well, as the old saying goes, “every generation gets the stonehenge it deserves”.

Due to the continuing evolution of science, the dates and many features of Stonehenge are debatable. But a general agreement has emerged, and the ancient monument has been restored through the careful work of scientists.

Stonehenge is found in the south of England, on the Salisbury plain. It is one of many prehistoric henges (circular megalithic formations with or without bank and ditch earthworks). During the first half of the 20th century, the site has been carefully excavated and preserved. Much scientific information has come to light and many mysteries of the monument have been solved.

Stonehenge was built in at least 5 stages that occurred within a 2000 year span starting around 3200 B.C. The stages are revealed by stone holes (earlier) under stone holes (later) and ditches dug into previously built banks. Microscopic remains of the original stones are found in stone holes, facilitating stone identification.


According to the new advanced radio-carbon decay dating techniques employed by Archaeologists, Stonehenge was begun 5000 years ago as a circular ditch and bank, 300 feet in diameter. The circle was not perfect, but quite irregular. The beginning of Stonehenge was a rough circle (not perfect) created by an earthwork of a carefully constructed ditch and mound. The ditch was strangely made with cell like undulating walls. The depth varied from 2 feet in depth to about 7 feet with a level flat bottom with the sides of the ditch almost verticle. Some scientists refer to the ditch as a “quarry” for the material used to make the mound banks. But the ditch is to carefully made to just be a quarry, and there is a small low bank outside the ditch. This outside low bank makes the ditch a part of the monument, it includes the ditch. Why would there be an outside bank mound if the ditch had no significance other than just to be there as a quarry for the bank material?

There were two monoliths in the entrance and one outside the earthwork. These 3 original megaliths have been traced to the Avebury-Marlboro region 20 miles north of Stonehenge where the countryside is littered with sandstone outcrops and boulders. Originally, the monument appears to be oriented towards the northeast moon. Inside the periphery of the earthwork were found the “Aubrey” holes (named after the discoverer – John Aubrey – mid seventeeth century antiquarian). There are 56 in number and might have been dug first before the earthwork was constructed. The holes were carefully dug with steep sides and flat bottoms (like the ditches of the earthwork). They were carefully dug and then immediately filled back in. Their purpose is unknown, but my guess is that they were dug to demarcate the earthwork circle before it was built. If stakes were left in the ground for that purpose, the stakes would not last long in the flurry of the construction, but if holes were dug and backfilled, they would be permanent and always be there for reference.

The four outer post holes are thought to be among the very first constructs at the Stonehenge site. Radio carbon dating the wooden post remains reveals the post holes to be at least as old as any thing measured at Stonehenge.

In the earthwork entrance, are many post holes. There appears to be about 9 columns of the post holes extant today. This relates to the moon cycle as it rises as the full moon in the winter in its’ most northerly rising (left side of the entrance) and then 8 or 9 years later in its’ most southernly winter full moon rise. The post hole columns end at the northern most moon rise. The southern most moon rise appears further to the east making the entrance of the earthwork oriented more or less at the midpoint. This is why archaeoastromers think that the axis of Stonehenge 1 was initially oriented to the major and minor full moon winter moon rises, at the midpoint between the extreme ends of the cycle. It takes 18.61 years for the moon to complete the cycle from the south rising to the north and back to the south.

Professor Gerald Hawkins (author of “STONEHENGE DECODED”), theorizes that the 56 Aubrey holes represent or refer to the 56 years that round off the 3 full 18.61 year moon cycles. Hawkin’s book and theories of the STONEHENGE computer have not been accepted by scientists because as Professor Clive Ruggles of the University of Leicester said, there are so many post holes, old stone holes and extant stones that have come and gone at the site, that any alignment can be practically “proven”. Hawkin’s theories of the STONEHENGE COMPUTER need serious periodic tweaking to make them work, therefore, his theories are out of contention and do not convince modern archaeoastronomers. The need for the “tweaking” has to do with the “imperfect” moon cycle that takes 18.61 years (the .61 being “imperfect”). It seems that he wanted the ancient Stonehenge astronomers to be computer perfect, but that’s not what they did. Stonehenge is not computer perfect.


After several centuries, work began again. The northeast entrance was widened by back-filling the bank into the ditch on the east side about 20 feet and apparantly reoriented towards the north eastern mid summer sunrise (summer solstice). An avenue was constructed for about 510 meters (1673 feet) to the bottom of a dry valley. This new entrance and avenue moved the axis of the monument about 3 degrees clockwise. The two entrance stones were moved to straddle the axis line in the northeast entrance way. The outer stone was replaced by another immense stone (the avenue guardian “Hele stone”) which stood 16 feet high and weighs around 30 tons. It still stands today, although tilted. It was positioned slightly to the east of the central axis line and a ditch was dug around it. The ditch intrudes into the bank which means that the avenue bank was erected first.

The 8 foot tall sandstone “station stones” were erected along with their islands. The four “station stones” were placed around the periphery inside the perimeter mound either at the end of Stonehenge 1 or at the beginning of the construction of Stonehenge 2. They form a rectangle which aligns to the summer solstice sunrise and the winter solstice sundown. Only two of the station stones are left. The western stone is a 4 foot stump and not the original. The 9 foot east stone is original, but fallen.

In Stonehenge II, the blue stones first appearance occurs in a double crescent formation. They were around 7 feet tall and weighed up to 4 to 6 tons each. On the southwest side of the blue stone double crescent, the Altar stone might have stood on end. On the northeast side of the crescent, the axis line was flanked by 2 rows of 4 blue stones each, like an entrance way. Then, as if another experiment, the blue stones were taken out and removed from the earthwork circle enclosure.

THE BLUE STONES (people stones)

The blue stones within the megalithic circle are spotted dolerite, an igneous rock. When the stones are wet, they have a bluish sheen, thus the “blue stones”. Through petrographic analysis, their source has been located in the Prescelly mountains, the highest point in the south western peninsula of Wales (1760 feet). This stone appears in outcrops along the crests of the mountain. As the crow flies, Prescelly mountain is 135 miles from Stonehenge. The transporters had to move rocks weighing many tons over hills, valleys and navigate around treacherous coast lines and sea.


Around 2100 B.C., the central megalithic circle (unique of all megalithic monuments) was erected. 30 uprights comprise the circle with 30 cross pieces on the tops (lintels). They were assembled using the ancient tenon and joint coupling technique. Depressions in the top stone (lintel) joined protruberences on the tops of the uprights which stabilized the structure. The circle of the megaliths rises 16 1/2 feet to the lintel tops. The uprights weigh on average, 30 tons each.

The stones on the axis line in the avenue were removed and massive 16 feet high gateway stones were set up. This created the light path effect (when the sun rises on June 21).

Around the monuments center stood the five trilithons. A trilithon is 3 stones of which 2 are uprights and the 3rd is a capstone, forming a doorway. The trilithons varied in height. The trilithon formation rises in height to a pinnacle of 24 feet at the great central trilithon. The other 4 trilitions are 20 and 21 1/2 feet tall. The trilithon uprights weigh as much as 50 tons.

After the central megalithic structure was erected, an inner oval of blue stones were set up inside the trilithons (second blue stone set up).

Probably at the end of this period, two large concentric rings of holes (the Y and Z holes) were dug outside the megalithic circle. Stones were never put into them. They had steep sides and flat bottoms. Their purpose, like the Aubry holes, is unknown. They silted up naturally.

Several centuries later the central blue stone oval was dismantled. The altar stone was laid squarely on the axis but was slightly tilted north. Two very roughly shaped circles of blue stones were set up in their final arrangement, having had at least 2 prior set ups and dismantlings. They were arranged in groups of 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1. The inner blue stone arrangement had stones up to 8 feet tall, progressing from shorter to taller as they neared the apex of the trilithon horseshoe. The outer ring of blue stones averaged 6 1/2 feet in height and about 4 tons each.

At the end of the Stonehenge III building phase (around 1100 B.C.), the avenue was extended. It curved around for about 2.6 kilometers to the bank of the Avon River.

In the construction, the two 40 ton gateway stones were placed to guard the entrance way at the avenue. A few centuries later the avenue was extend for about 2 1/2 miles that ended at the Avon River. The megalithic monument was constructed about 1000 years after the ditches and banks were first made, so the drawing is not accurate as to how it looked when the megalithic circle was erected. When that occurred, the banks were eroded down to low rounded mounds and the ditches lost their definition and were mostly silted in, but nevertheless, very apparant, as they are today, about 5000 years after the earthworks were created.

These were the stages of contruction that lasted about 1500 years. Each stage occurred with no activity seen in the archaeology between building events. The building appears to have occurred as quick events with long periods of rest. This is an ENIGMA – because there was no extant civilization during the total time, and the monument functions as a whole, unlike a hodgepodge of building by successive peoples as suggessted by scientists. The monument was built as if it was experimented with to find what the builiders were looking for, and they certainly found it, because the monument aligns both from the northeast summer solstice sunrise and the winter solstice sun down from the southwest.

The details of the building and at what points certain features were created is not exactly known, but the general creation concepts are apparant in the archaeology. There were at least 5 stages of building (Stonehenge 1 – Stonehenge 2 – Stonehenge 3a – Stonehenge 3b – Stonehenge 3c) with at least 3 of the stages involving the site after the main megalithic circle was placed (Stonehenge 1a – 2100 B.C.). The stages after the placement of the megalithic circle concerned reorienting the bluestone circles and extending the avenue.


All the Station stones, the megalithic circle with its’ 30 uprights and 30 cross pieces (lintels), the 5 central trilithons, the two gateway stones and the avenue guardian stone (Hele) are sandstone (common name – SARSEN). These stones have been traced through petrographic study to sandstone outcrops and free boulders in the Avebury-Marlboro downs area 20 miles north of Stonehenge.

The sandstone sarsens are heavy tough rocks, and very hard to work. The largest sarsen at Stonehenge is the single standing slab of the great central trilithon. It has been calculated to weigh 50 tons. By evidence of sarsen dust in the ground at Stonehenge, and the many sarsen stones found used as packing material in the bottoms of upright sarsen stone holes, the stones at Stonehenge were brought in as boulders, and then shaped at the site. This makes sense because the ground at the site is not level and the megalithic circle of uprights and lintels have been installed and set perfectly leveled. This means that the stones were much heavier when transported in.

Transporting these boulders over 20 miles, over hilly terrain was no easy job. Megalith hauling was a well developed enterprise in the ancient world. The Egyptians moved rocks weighing 200 tons. Evidence of this hauling enterprise is totally absent at Stonehenge. The common theory is that well organized neolithic peoples did it. There is evidence of prehistoric neolithic people at Stonehenge, but they were random visitors, who left a few of their dead buried around and under the stones and in the ditches, in no organized way.

THE ALTAR STONE (death stone)

This is the one unique stone at the monument. It is a fine grained, pale green sandstone that has been traced to rock outcrops at Milford Haven on the coast just south west of Prescelly. The 16 foot long megalith has been finely dressed to a rectangular pillar shape. If this stone was also finished at the site, because of its’ great weight of many tons, it must have been the most difficult of the Welch stones to transport. The problems encountered would have had to of been extreme. One cannot deny that the effort would have had to of been almost superhuman. One can only bow in respect to the advanced abilities of the architects of Stonehenge.

Some scientists believe that the altar stone (death stone) was originally in a upright position directly on the axis line (depicted in many drawings and paintings).


Altar stone as theorized in a standing position mid axis

1. The south east end of the stone was dressed to an oblique beveled outline, very much like the bases of some of the upright stones.


Altar stone as it is – lying down

1. Since the stone is now recumbent and its’ midsection perfectly on the monument axis line, it would of had to have been first dug up, knocked down, the hole filled back in, and the multi ton 16 foot long stone, laboriously dragged back into position. This is something vandals would never bother to do.

2. An upright stone directly on the axis line would interfere with the main light path by blocking its’ penetration thru the shadow realms in back of the megalithic circle.

3. The stone is broken in half by two fallen sarsens.

4. Even if the death stone was originally an upright pillar, it easily could have been reused as the recumbent stone. Recycling of the blue stones is well evidenced in Stonehenge II and III. There were blue stone trilithons constructed with tenon and mortise joints. Many of these were roughly reshaped and reused as blue stone monoliths in the final design. With each new design, stones were often reused. That would explain why the altar stones south east end was dressed to an oblique beveled outline, very much like the bases of some of the upright stones, and then repositioned from its possible upright position to its current position as the recumbent stone.

5. The supposed axis stone hole has not been found under or anywhere near the altar stone.

6. An upright pillar on the axis denotes a kind of idolatry. Stonehenge is free of idolatry with no stones in a worshipful or special position. The light path is unimpeded with no standing stones in the way of the light.

7. A recumbent position looks right. An upright position skews the upward symmetry in front of the central great trilithon. An upright position stops the upward flow of the vision. The two tall blue stones standing before the great central trilithon would be shunted by an imposing monolith blocking the light path.


There is a neolithic engineering enigma concerning lintel positioning and placement that presents itself when the mortice and tenon technique the Neolithic astronomers used to hold the lintels in place on their respective upright stones is analyzed. In the drawing, the “TRILITHON” on the left has two uprights with a single tenon on each top end which holds the single LINTEL in place. The LINTEL has two mortices on the bottom side to fit the tenons. On the right are two of the thirty megalithic circle uprights. Each of these uprights have two tenons on the top surface which hold the circle LINTELS (30 in number) with their respective mortices in place.

In any photo sequence concerning Stonehenge, one can clearly make out a very prominent tenon on the top of the one standing great Trilithon upright. The lintel that was on top, had a mortice indentation to fit.

The theories go, that the lintels had to of been slid into place. This was done as an experiment in England. In most Stonehenge science videos and programs, this sequence is always recycled. The English experimenters with their host of helpers, created a duplicate of the great single standing Trilithon upright out of concrete. They dug a pit and with ropes and a sledge on a wooden trackway, a large group of very enthusiastic people on the ropes, pulled the great upright into the receiving pit butressed with timbers on the receiving side of the pit and then pulled it into position. This is good – and shows a clear possibility.

Then, they used a huge frame work ramp and with ropes attached, pulled the lintel to the top. My point is that the English experimenters SLID the lintel onto the top of the great upright. They all cheered as it slid nicely into place with a resounding thud. The problem with their experiment is that their concrete copy of the great upright did not have a Tenon, which made their construction experiment possible. But, if the upright concrete copy did have the tenon as the actual one at Stonehenge has, that would have been an impossible move because of the serious obstruction of the prominent tenon on the top of the great upright. That nullifies the English experiment.

Also, the English experiment used ONE upright for the lintel. All the lintels at Stonehenge are supported by TWO uprights. Again, it shows the failure of modern science to come to grips with finding out how the Neolithic Astronomers created their monument.


1. THE EARTHEN RAMP THEORY (Like the Egyptian method)

Atkinsons’ objection is this – “The first is the effort and time involved in digging away and rebuilding the ramp for each fresh lintel to be raised”.

His second objection is the “absence of any evidence for the origin of such a ramp in the form of a quarry, even refilled, in the vicinity of the site. The earthen ramps must have had a volume of not less than 10,000 cubic feet for the sarsen circle lintels alone, (to say nothing of the much higher Trilithons). It can safely be said that neither the material of the bank nor of the silting of the ditch has been re-used in this way”.


The same goes for this one with the time spent digging out and rebuilding the construct for each lintel raising.

But mainly, Atkinson objects to this on the grounds that “the erection of such a timber structure would involve the sinking of a considerable number of post-holes to support its verticle members, and its repeated construction around the circle would produce a recognizable and recurrent pattern of post-holes. No such pattern was revealed by excavations”.


The third theory is Raising the lintel on an upward built “crib” of timbers. Atkinson uses the word “improbable” for this. And he adds that this theory is the most plausible of the three. Most of the new scientific theories regarding the lintel raising refer to the “timber crib” theory. There ae many factors making this raising technique improbable. First, the increasing instability of the timber pile goes up as the lintel goes up. And when one considers that the lintels weigh 14 tons and more, the pile of timbers would have become a rickety death trap. Atkinson considers this the only possible theory, but then there is that word he uses – “improbable”. Secondly, how did the Neolithic engineers handle the lintel into place? Where did the N.E.’s stand? Did they use some kind of block and tackle? Ropes? Telekinesis?

Also, one must not forget that the extremely heavy thriliton LINTEL (much bigger than the 30 in number 14 ton circle lintels), after being perilously raised to the height of the TRILITHON upright, must be SLID into place. SLIDING the LINTEL into place is an impossibility because of the TENON obstruction (the cirlce lintels also would encounter the same problem as the trilithon lintels with the mortice and tenon configurations). Also, when the lintel would be “slid” from the timber crib to the waiting upright, what about the shifting weight of the stone in relation to the supporting timber crib? Without a doubt, if this acutually happened, the first attempt would have resulted in a total collapse as well as death and injury to the N.E.’s. So I would change Atkinsons description of the task involved from “improbable” to impossible in regards to a “crib” technique. The LINTEL would of had to of been lifted vertically above the great upright, moved laterally over the upright and then carefully lowered into position on the two receiving uprights. There are no theories to account for this supposed spectacular bit of neolithic engineering. To me, megaliths weighing tons need timbers weighing even more tons. Wood and megaliths don’t seem to merge very well.


By analyzing the eroded Stone holes, the missing stones’ positions can be postulated. In these theoretical settings, the stones align themselves to many maximum lunar and solar positions. In fact, there are so many theoretical alignments, that practically any alignment theory can be “proven”. Although these alignments appear provocative, none of these theories have been proven because they are based on stones no longer in existence. The one alignment that is agreed to by all is that the monument appears to be aligned on the summer solstice sunrise, and then six months later, the December 21 winter solstice sun sinks on the axis in the southwest direction, between the two uprights of the great trilithon, of which one stone is still standing. As far as the actual alignments, the ruin will keep its secrets forever.

There are many more mysteries of Stonehenge that so many of the experts don’t address – like the abscence of any neolithic aged roads for dragging the giant wooden sledges with their multi ton megaliths accross hill and dale from their source, 30 miles to the Stonehenge site. Any engineer will say that the first thing needed to drag a sledge weighing dozens of tons (weight of the stone plus the weight of the sledge) across the gound is a flat, smooth, level and hard road. Without that, chaos reigns – the sledges would slide out of control or just dig up the turf and get stuck.

Another unaddressed major contruction mystery is the abscence of any markings or flat pathways through the older ditch and bank earthworks in which to drag the megalithic sledges through to the central area. So thusly, the archaeology says that the neolithic engineers literally lifted the 50 and upward ton megaliths 40 feet across the older ditch and earthwork impediments to get into the site. There are so many unsolved mysteries that the experts don’t address. What the experts know is WHEN WHERE AND WHAT. What they don’t know is WHO HOW AND WHY.

Another unaddressed Stonehenge mystery is the original weight of the stones. It is clear from archaeology, that the stones were dressed down to shape at the sight as construction continued (shown by the prescence of massive amounts of sarsen and bluestone chips and dust in the soil) and the prescence of many “pounding” stones in the pits or stone holes in which the great uprights sit. When one considers a stone such as the single standing upright of the great central TRILITHON, what was the original weight of the stone as it was brought in? The one standing upright of the great central TRILITHON weighs 50 tons as is. It is smoothly dressed and very rectangular in form. The original weight of the stone would have been much heavier than 50 tons. The original weight is uncalculable.

So that means, that the Ancient Neolithic Astronomer’s secrets of their construction methods are still unknown. Whatever the answer is, Stonehenge continues to be the number one most amazing creation from the ancient world, of which its’ construction is a mystery, even today with the probing of modern science and archaeology.

So why believe? Just accept the mystery. Don’t fill in the blanks – go with facts and if the mystery remains, what is wrong with that? Be like Aristotle (Alexander the Great’s teacher) – “Don’t make assumptions, don’t rely on beliefs. Weigh the known facts, gather them up and then base all decisions on that”. That works for science.


How did the Neolithic astronomers spot Stonehenges’ location? A little to the north or south of the monument, and there would be no solsticial alignments. The Station Stones would not shadow align with a rectangular form. The latitude of Stonehenge is critical for the alignments on the solstices. If Stonehenge was built further north than Oxford England (40 miles) or further South than Bournemouth (40 miles), the alignments would not occur. Within this narrow belt of latitudes (80 miles) the four station stones make a rectangle. Outside this zone the rectangle would be noticeably distorted.

The spotting of the alignment was ascertained before the monument was built (Stonehenge I). The Neolithic astronomers knew what they were doing. It is no accident. And then one could easily just make a judgment that the N.A.’s had geographical and astronomical knowledge that is not apparent in any ancient peoples. That makes them extraordinary. They were special.


Perhaps the greatest enigma or mystery, is how the stones were hauled into the site without the slightest clue observable on how it was done. Today, most of the stones are missing (evidenced by empty stone holes with microscopic evidence of stones being previously in them). When the missing stones are given approximate weights by using existing stones in comparison and all the hypothetical stones weights added up, a conservative figure of 2000 tons of rocks were hauled into the site.

The regions leading to Stonehenge are hilly and not level. To haul the gigantic loads, even if using huge sledges with ropes, level roads would be an absolute requirement. In engineering the hauling of the great stones, the first thing the neolithic engineers would have to of done is create roads for the sledges and stones. Such roads are evidenced at such places as the Bolivian megalithic monuments at Lake Titicaca, 12,500 feet elevation in the Andes. At Lake Titicaca is evidence of roads built level and paved with cobble stones. Cobblestones are very good for dragging flattened stones of any weight due to the low friction provided by the many small surfaces the small stones would provide.

The environs of Stonehenge have been completely surveyed, and no neolithic prehistoric roads of any kind are to be found. If they were there, they would still be apparent because of the fact that earthworks built even before Stonehenge are still visible. The chalk under soil is hard and once shaped, and has a tendency to never erode away. Neolithic earthworks will erode down to a certain level (as in the banks of Stonehenge) and the ditches would fill in with silt, with the original surfaces on the bottoms intact (as seen at present Stonehenge).

Perhaps the greatest enigma is the absence of the hauling roads at Stonehenge itself. The earthwork mounds and ditches were created before the great stones were brought in. If the stones were dragged in by sledge and rope, the earthworks would have created a serious barrier to the hauling. If the stones were indeed hauled in, there would have to of been roads through the earthworks to enable such work. But there are none. The earthworks, ditches and banks are intact, although eroded. There is no sign of any drag ways through them. So by simple scientific observation, the only way the great stones were brought inside the earthworks, would of had to of been OVER them. The ditch and outer banks average about 40 feet across. So that would mean that megalithic stones, some of which were over 50 tons each (original weight before dressing), would of had to of been hauled above the ground, with some sort of bridge work, at least 40 feet. This makes no sense in reference to work or engineering. A path through the earthworks would make sense, but there is none. The earthworks are unscarred and there are no signs of any bridges over the earthworks. Even so, what kind of “bridge” could that have been?

But there remains one other possibility, and that is that the stones were dragged through the northeastern bank gap (the gateway). Archaeology has shown that the ground of the entrance way and the ground of the avenue are likewise unscarred. There are many post and stone holes in the ground that predate the arrival of the megaliths, and they are still intact, with no sign of disturbance and especially great weights dragged over the ground. The stones were lifted over the earthworks. Also, the great Hele stone that guards the avenue would have gotten in the way. There is apparantly not enough room between the avenue bank and ditch and to the side of the Hele stone to facilitate the giant sledges.


It appears that Stonehenge was never used for anything. Other than a plethora of minor prehistoric earthworks, the entire region surrounding the monument is devoid of neolithic occupation (farms or settlements) of any magnitude. There is no sign of the builders of Stonehenge with their hypothetical pulleys, gigantic ropes and sledges. The only signs left are the many rounded sarsen pounding stones. These stones as well as other chalky rubble are found as packing material in the bottom of upright stone holes. The great megalithic monument was veritably pounded into shape. Neolithic antler tools have also been found at the site, which belong to the neolithic hunters and farmers digging for treasures and burying their dead.

The main question is where did this great knowledge and engineering expertise go? After Stonehenge, there is no sign of this knowledge among the natives who had no written language and apparently little scientific knowledge, especially the knowledge required to engineer such a monument.

The time span of the building phases (or experiments) extend over 2000 years (3200 – 1100 B.C.), with centuries between building phases. One would think that with so much time involved, there would be some sign of the creators left somewhere. There was over a thousand years between Stonehenge I and III. How was the knowledge transmitted over the many generations? If there were peoples involved, there is no writing in evidence in stone age Britain for the knowledge to be transmitted by. If it was word of mouth, there were no peoples extant or a civilization that spanned the years. There certainly were peoples, but they were not associated in any long term way. The monument is a unified display, not a hodge podge of buildings thrown together by various entities.

Then there is the ever popular Druid myths that won’t go away. The Druids, who appear much later in time, were never associated with megalithism and were basically barbaric idolaters who practiced human sacrifice and the murder of innocents in their base “religion”. The Druids practices were so abhorrent, the “pagan” Romans under Tiberious eradicated them in the first century A.D.

The monument was built as if someone experimented for almost 2000 years, and then abandoned the work. In actuality, the monument was really never finished. By the time the megalithic work was finished, the banks and ditches were extremely eroded from their original shapes.

The “final” design functions as seen in the working model. It reveals the worlds that were, are and to come. The end result of this grand experiment was an annual vision of light and shadows witnessed by no one. If it wasn’t for the destruction by vandals, Stonehenge would still be perfectly standing, revealing its’ vision in the light of the solstices.




The universe is the cosmos of space, matter and energy. Matter is comprised of particles called atoms. These atomic particles are made up of still smaller particles. These particles are the matter, or substance of the universe. In the Archaeosophical cosmology, this is the particulate (atomic) realm, the first something, the physical world and everything in it, life forms and inanimate things.


Why is there something, or why isn’t there nothing? This is the greatest of lifes mysteries. Since there actually is something (the universe), nothing could have never of been, because according to natural thought, something can not come from nothing. And then again, what is “nothing”? In the realm of the absolute, “nothing” is inconceivable. The closest science has come to answering this question is the cosmological big bang theory. Basically, the theory asserts that the universe was created when the primordial singularity (the infinitely small speck of everything that exists today), origin unknown, “exploded”. Even though the original singularity was infinitely small, it still existed. It was something. So within the pre-universe (state unknown), something lurked, and what is infinitely small, is infinitely big, because infinity in any direction, is infinite. This is the paradox of “infinity”. It doesn’t matter in what direction it is, because it never ends. So what was before the big bang creation? That is not known to science. Was there nothing? But since there is something (the universe as is now), there never could have been nothing, so science just leaves the question blank. The evidence for the scientific theory of the big bang creation, is the expanding universe and the background cosmic radiation.

The entire universe floats within existence itself. In fact, there is no scientific description of existence itself, other than such terms as “space time” which means practically nothing. After all, there really is no such thing as time. Time is a figment of the mind of man. The past is memory and the future doesn’t exist, other than in the imagination. It is always now. Movement happens in the atomic realm, but now is always present.

Atomic sensors sense the atomic, but can not sense that which is not atomic. And since space is non-atomic, atomic sensors (ears, eyes, telescopes, microscopes, atom smashers, ect) can not sense space itself. Space is something other than the atomic first something, space then is the second something, existence itself, the indivisible realm.

The identity of space is one of the mysteries of science. It can’t be defined other than by dimensions. It is commonly referred to as “nothing”. But it is not nothing. Even though it can’t be detected, space exists, but what is it? It can be given dimension, direction and relative placement, but other than that, the actual “stuff” of space is not known. As an example of space and something, a hypothetical box can be defined out in the far reaches of space. This hypothetical box can have a dimension – a cubic foot – 12 inches by 12 inches by 12 inches. Within the space box all atoms, cosmic rays, energies, particles and waves can be elliminated making for a total emptiness. But, the box still would have a dimension – still one cubic foot. So it is still there, but a “space”. What is that “space”? That “space” is still SOMETHING – and that something would still be existence.

Sometimes it is called “space time”. But even there, what is “time”? Many philosophers don’t acknowledge “time” as anything real because it is always NOW. The past is dead and the future is just a figment of the imagination. There is no future, because when there is always NOW, the future is never anything other than an abstract thought. So space is actually something, but what it is can not be defined by science. Space is actually existence itself, the indivisible realm of everywhere. Even the big bang theory of creation leaves existence out. Because before the big bang occurred, nothing about “existence” is known. So therefore, the answer is to rejoice and be glad, because there is existence and it is a miracle – unexplainable and undeniable. Existence is the second something.

Are “strings” the substance of existance? There is a new developement in theoretical physics, and it is called “STRING THEORY” which can help to explain the mystery of “existence”. But I don’t believe it to be the ultimate answer, but it is interesting from the standpoint of philosophy or even theosophy or (gasp) – theology. It is an attempt to unify the four forces of nature, gravity, electro magnetism, and the weak and strong forces. In modern cosmilogical theory, Einsteins famous theory of relativity and the theories of the quantum world of atomic particles don’t mix. In fact, they contradict each other. What works in Einsteins theory of relativity is the force of gravity and only concerns the “big things” such as planets, stars and galaxies. But Einsteins’ theory falls apart and doesn’t work in the quantum realm of the particles. Since the larger realm of gravity and the smallest realm of the particles don’t work, and in fact contradict each other, theoretical physisists have long sought a “theory of everything” to unify the two theories. These two extant theories work well on their own turf. They are used in science today, and do not fail. But when applied to one another, failure occurs, which is a very problematic paradox for theoretical cosmologists.

Theoretical physics has a quest to discover the “Theory of everything.” Albert Einstein and his many followers (all physicists) have the belief that there is a simple way of putting everything together. The goal is to combine the two theories of the universe into one. The scientists are combining quantum theory of the atom and its’ particles to general relativity, the theory of the visible universe represented by E=MC2. What they have just come up with is a very strange new theory called SUPER STRING THEORY. Super String theory predicts coexistent dimensions which the scientists do a very poor job of explaining. They have many different ways of describing “dimensions” which makes it all quite fanciful because which one is the true description? Therefore, this author will attempt to describe “string theory” and how it explains particles and the forces that rule them.

The “strings” of the theory are what make up the particle’s of matter. Atoms are comprised of particles. “Tiny” is a word used to describe the size of the “strings”, but the word is inadequate. The particles of an atom are neutrons, positrons and electrons. And these particles are made up of smaller particles called quarks. The next question is what are quarks made of? The new string theory describes the makings of the quarks (which are themselves the makings of atomic particles) to be almost infinitely small bits of vibrating energy that look like strings, some are attached end to end making up a circular form and some are straight kinds of strings. What makes them different from each other is the rate of vibration they have. It is the vibration rate which gives the strings their properties.

The interesting concept is how small strings are. The scientists describe it like this: the atomic particle, a neutron, positron or electron is comprised of several different types of smaller particles called quarks. The strings are what make up the quark particle. The string’s relative size is that the quark would be equal to the size of the solar system of the sun and the string would be the size of a tree. The number of strings inside of a quark is incalculable. The string is pure energy or a force. But then the next question is “what are strings made out of?” That would be the next theory in line. What kind of “energy” are they? Is it actually “energy” or maybe something else?

The strings are the source of the four forces of the known universe. The four forces are the weak force, the strong force, the electromagnetic force and the gravity force. The weak force is what creates radiation, or the when atoms break apart as in a nuclear explosion. The strong force is what holds atomic particles together or what keeps the atom itself together. The electromagnetic force is what keeps groups of atoms (molecules) together. When an object falls unto a surface, it is the electromagnetic force which stops the object against the surface. Gravity is the final force and of all the forces, it actually is the weakest.

Gravity inside of a black hole is infinitely powerful, and in a black hole, the two theories of the universe, the quantum of the atomic and general relativity are combined as one and in the black hole, the physics of the known universe cease to exist and the unknown begins. String theory is supposed to answer all of these questions. The problem with string theory, is that it can’t be proven or demonstrated. So it just sits there, exempt from being proven or disproved. But the scientists that can understand the mathematics of it all, say that it looks good and seems right. And until somebody can take the theory, and actually do something with it in the real world to show it at work which can be duplicated by others, it will always remain a novel playground of modern theoretical physicists. As of now, string theory has no use whatsoever in science, other than a foible of scientists.

One of the predictions of String Theory, is that existance is multidimentional. One of the new versions of String Theory is called “M” theory. This is where the universe is actually comprised of many dimensions (11 in all). But the problem with that is the word “dimension”. Observing the universe and our place within it shows us only three dimensions – up, down and sideways. But a better way to describe the existance of multi dimensions is parallel universes. But then, what is that? I

So I would like to present my theory based on String Theory and the multidemensional universe. I will call it the “simultaneous coexistant synchronous REALM theory” which is explained further down in the section “THE MEANING OF STONEHENGE – MY THEORY OF WHY IT WAS BUILT”.


In 1985, with radio telescopy, Smithsonian institute astrophysical observatory scientists analyzed 1100 galaxies in a 500 million light year strip of space over Tucson Arizona. They produced a three dimensional map. An unexpected vision presented itself. Galaxies lined up like Christmas tree lights and were arranged in wall like formations intersecting great regions with nothingness between them. Instead of being arranged like a uniform expanding cloud suggested by the big bang theory, galaxies conform to forces that science has not identified yet. Other galactic surveys done since 1985 have revealed this super-structuring and yet unidentified force to be universal.

In 2002, scientists made another discovery concerning the unidentified force. It was proven by two separate groups of research scientists, that the universe is actually speeding up in its outward expansion. Instead of slowing down (like in the normal physics of an explosion), the outer realms of the galaxies are speeding up in the outward direction of expansion. The scientists are at a complete loss to explain this. But they have come up with a term to describe the new observed force – dark energy. This “dark energy” is calculated to account for 70% of the universe.

Another “darkness” identified in the universe are the “dark stars” (named by Albert Einstein). These are super massive stars at the end of their evolution that collapse into “BLACK HOLES”

If the star is not quite massive enough to collapse into a black hole, it will collapse into a neutron star. A neutron star looses all of its electrons and becomes a giant atomic nucleus the size of a large city. The neutron star is the heaviest substance in the universe – of which a teaspoon weighs millions of tons. Neutron stars can rotate hundreds of times per second – also called “pulsars”. Bizarre is not a far off description of such things, but the super massive black holes are far more bizarre.

Super massive “black holes” have been “seen” in the centers of galaxies (including our galaxy). They are “seen” by observing stars in the center of the galaxy moving at 1% the speed of light, circling the central region. The stars moving at enormous speed are in an orbit roughly the size of the solar system. The only explanation, is that there is a gravitational source about 1 million times that of the sun at the center, and a super massive “black hole” is the suspect.

The dark energy ties in with the so called “dark matter” that is theorized to comprise the unseen matter in galaxies (90%). Without this unseen matter, there is not enough observable material (gravity source) in galaxies to account for the galactic form and rotation. The observed matter (light) can only be about 10% of what is there that can account for the form and rotation of galaxies.

The main problem is how did it get there. Scientists are theorizing that galactic “black hole gravitational sources” are actually primordial. They were there in the beginning of the galactic formation. The primordial galactic super massive gravitational center nicely accounts for the formation of the galaxy, and can even be considered the creator of the galaxy itself. There is always the possibility that the material of the universe (atoms and all of the particles) came from the super massive gravitational sources themselves. Another way to put that, was that in the beginning, there was an “explosion” of super massive dark gravitational objects, in which out from them came the material (atoms and their particles) of the universe, that then formed into stars with galactic formations.

So in conclusion, all of this dark energy – dark matter – dark stars – and super massive gravitational galactic centers are related. This “DARKNESS” is an ever present force, which forms and controls the universe, and its physics and identity is completely unknown. It shall be called the “THIRD SOMETHING” because it is unique to the “FIRST” and the “SECOND” something. And of course, there always might be more “somethings”, but that is for the future to reveal.


When one tries to find a meaning or a reason “why”, one has to venture beyond science. Science is very pragmatic, being that which can be analysed, measured, researched and findings replicated by others. Symbolizm is a bit remote from that, so when one tries to describe the symbolism, one goes outside of science. That would be metaphysics, or in the case of Stonehenge – mysticism.

I believe Stonehenge is a message, a story, a huge metaphor in Stone and earth. It is there to tell us something. It is a mystical message.

These are the features of Stonehenge and my interpretation of what they “say”. And be sure to take note that this isn’t science, but more like Theosophy, or dualistic mysticism. I keep my science and mysticism seperate, but my Stonehenge mysticism is founded on what I see in the stones and the earthwork.

The meanings of the stones and earthworks

1. The Central Megalithic circle – this represent the earth (being round).
2. The empty space around the megalithic cirlce but within the outer earthworks and ditches is the domain of the “dead” or the “spirit worlds” (a term with many alternates from many religions such as – heaven, hell, valhalla, eternity, the unknown universe, realm of the disincarnate, ect.). The 30 uprights of the central megalithic circle and their lintel capstones represent doorways or passage ways outside to the “spirit worlds”. This is were I will place my “simultaneous coexistant synchronous REALM theory” (from the modern cosmological STRING THEORY which predicts a multi dimensional universe or parallel universes).
3. All the free standing monoliths are living beings. The “bluestones” within the megalithic earth circle are the people of earth. The outer monoliths are other kinds of higher beings that inhabit the astral realms, like gods, angels, and judges.

The Trilithons represent doorways of spiritual evolution in that they rise to the peak of the central towering trilithon that straddles the axis.

4. The recumbant altar stone, the most central stone set on the axis, represents death. What could symbolize death more perfectly than a recumbent pale green stone? In the Biblical vision of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, The fourth horseman who symbolized death was “Chloros” (green) – Revelation 6:8 – New Testament.
5. The station stones represent high spiritual beings, that are guardians of the spirit worlds with their respective stations, or islands of refuge and authority.
6. The earthwork banks represent the perimeter of control. We who are of this world are contained and under the authority of the heirarchey.
7. The ditch earthwork is the most fascinating to me. This says to me some kind of power. Even modern cosmology reflects that in that the greatest power now thought to exist in the universe is what is called “dark energy”. Black holes are that also.
8. The two standing gateway stones at the earthwork entrance are the guardians of the avenue. The only way in or out, is through them, and they have the power over that.
9. The avenue is what I call the “avenue of light” – since that is the direction the light comes from on the great day of stonehenge – the summer solstice sunrise. This is where we are directed. And it leads to the universe of other planets, solar systems, stars and galaxies. It says to me that there is life beyond and it fills the universe.
10. The Avenue stone is the most powerful of all because it guards the avenue of the light. This is the being who is the judge. Around the “judge” is a ditch and it is the ditch of the dark power. This “dark power” might be the mysterious secret of the universe, the source of all form and structure.
11. The summer solstice sunrise is the light of ressurection. The winter solstice sundown is the beginning of the death cycle. When the winter sun sinks in the southwest, it dives between the great trilithon uprights and sinks into the altar stone. At the summer sunrise, the sun would appear to rise from the altar stone, turning the death stone to the life stone. This is the one unique stone at the monument. It is a fine grained,pale green sandstone (the Death stone – The last horseman of the four horsemen of the Apocolypse, who symbolized death, was green “Chloros” – Revelation 6:8 – New Testament) that has been traced to rock outcrops at Milford Haven on the coast just south west of Prescelly (source of the Bluestones), with no other stone at the monument of this type. This is a perfect symbolizm of the cycle of life, death and rebirth, since the cycle repeats every year, year after year. The whole scenario is akin to the ancient belief in reincarnation. It is like a summation of all the worlds religions, with the good points left in and the bad points left out.


A modern development of metaphysical thinking has manifested as a concept called “INTELLIGENT DESIGN”. Intelligent design has a second thought, and that would be the question of who is the designer. Then we get to creationism and of course the big G – GOD. Intelligent design has its roots in science, because it is science that has revealed the infinite complexity as such things as DNA and the millions of chemical messages that seem impossible to have developed over the billions of years of life on earth by “ACCIDENT”. It is just to complex for it to have happened accidentally. That idea is very logical. So creationism or “intelligent design” needs science. BUT, science does not need intelligent design. Science just needs facts and the reality of duplicating results found. So the answer is to assign intelligent design to metaphysics and leave science out of it.

One way to become absolutely idiotic is to try and describe or define “GOD”. Since by definition, GOD is the creator of the universe and all things, the first and easiest thing to do is to observe the creation or that which the creator God created. And that would be the universe for starts. Science has shown that the universe is the cosmos of galaxies. The earth resides in a galaxy of 200 to 400 billion suns. And there are as many galaxies in the known universe as there are stars in the earths home galaxy – the MILKY WAY galaxy. That’s really big!

Science has shown by astronomy that the observable universe is about 13 billion light years across. So when one tries to think about the creator of that, the creator must be older and far bigger. What would that be? And then the follow up question would be, before the universe was created, what did this “GOD” do? It really is a silly question – a childish question – an unanswerable question. So then the answer would be a non answer such as FAITH.

A better way to deal with the question of GOD, is to just forget about it. Why worry about it? One can do far better by becoming more local. Local would be the world around us, the immediate world. And when it comes to the GOD questions, the local GOD would be just right out there in the metasphere, next to us earth beings. And that would be the realm of the dead. Each and every one of us assured that we will know about death in just a little time. This we can know about and discuss here and now. That is what STONEHENGE means – the here and now of the worlds of the dead – the Metasphere. The avenue of light goes out but we can only see the beginning. So one can believe in life after death, good and evil and the spirit being or the Metabeing. These concepts are more than enough to determine what is good or bad and that there is the requirement for LAW. This Law is referred to by many legal scholars as the self evident laws of life. The men who wrote the US constitution believed in this NATURAL LAW and that it came by natures God or “providence”.


Even Christian believers can adapt the model to fit their Theology. The Avenue Stone would have to be the LORD and along with the Avenue guardian stones would represent the TRIUNE GODHEAD – Father Son and the Holy Spirit. The Avenue of the light would be the way to heaven (Matthew 7:13-15) and the dark ditches can be the way to Hell (Matthew 8:12, 22:13) (2 Peter 2:4, 2:17). The two AVENUE gateway guardians would be perfect for Matthew 7:13-15. The four STATION STONES would be the Angels of the four winds (EZEKIAL 1:5) (REVELATION 4:6).

EZEKIAL chapter one – old testament BibleAnd as I looked, I beheld a storm wind coming from the north, a great cloud with fire continually flashing out and a bright light around. And within it were figures resembling four living beings.(the Station Stones) As I looked at the living beings, I saw wheels on the earth. (the circular earthworks of the monument) The wheels appeared to be made like a wheel within a wheel. (concentric – like the monuments earthworks) Now above the expanse that was over their heads there was something resembling a throne.(The avenue stone) As the appearance of the rainbow in the clouds on a rainy day, so was the appearance of the surrounding radiance. (the solstice sunrise) Such was the apearance of the likeness of the glory of the Eternal.


The Y and Z holes in their two concentric rings circling the megalithic circle

Y and Z hole array seen from above

The Y and Z holes were discovered in the excavations of 1923-1924. They were named “Y and Z” because the AUBRY holes were first named the X holes. The Y and Z holes are dated late in the sequence of construction, during Stonehenge III. There is no evidence of them as viewed from the site. The holes were carefully dug like all of the earthworkings at the monument, with straight sides and with flat and smoothed bottoms. The holes were filled up with fine brown soil. Analysis of the fine stoneless filling soil showed that the holes stood open for centuries and that the filling is mostly wind blown. The absence of any impressions of the bases of stones in the flat bottoms of the holes makes it certain that no stones were ever erected in them. The concentric formation turns out to be slightly irregular (not perfect circles). There are 30 Y and 30 Z holes, corresponding to the 30 uprights of the megalithic circle. Scientists can’t find a purpose for them. So then they must be symbolic, they must mean something.

When the sun rises in the northeast on the summer solstice and sinks in the southwest on the winter solstice, the shadow play in the monument makes the holes appear black and lightless. The Y and Z holes are not on the axis line and are not illuminated by the summer and winter solsticial central light path. This is the meaning. And since the space of the monument outside of the megalithic circle represents the spirit realms or domain of the dead, then the lightless Y and Z holes would be the realm of the dark or realms of no light. Since the earth is just that kind of a place – a mix of light and dark – heavens and hells – good and evil, then the spirit worlds would have the same kinds of places – thus the Y and Z holes – realms of darkness – places of the lost. HELLS!

Ist JOHN (New Testament) – 2:11 But he that hateth his brother is in darkness, and walketh in darkness, and knoweth not wither he goeth, because that darkness hath blinded his eyes.

2nd PETER (New Testament) – 2:4 For if God spared not the angels that sinned, but cast them down to hell, and delivered them into chains of darkness, to be reserved unto judgement.

2nd PETER (New Testament) – 2:17 These are wells without water, clouds that are carried with a tempest; to whom the mist of darkness is reserved for ever.

But unfortunately for any real Biblical symbolizm, there are three numbers not found in the Archaeosophy of the monument, and they would have to be 7, 10 and 12. “7” would relate to the 6 days of creation (God rested on the 7th day). The “10” would be the all important number of the Ten Commandments and the “12” would be the number of the tribes of Israel and of course the very important number of the disciples of Jesus. Without these three numbers and any clear representation of them, the Biblical connection falls very short in the end and any “theology” based on numerology would be impossible to develope with any real satisfaction.


When one visits Stonehenge, the stones of the monument are in a variety of form, some very rough and gnarly and some with very smooth dressed surfaces. The Neolithic Astronomers could have dressed and finished all of the stones smoothly, but they didn’t. When I look at that, I see something that the N.A.’s were saying, and that is that life is not perfect. Life on earth is filled with dangers and injustices, but in the overall view, the scheme of life is perfect. In the details of the monuments stones, one sees this “imperfection” but in the overall view, the whole is perfect. This is the game of life.



In the above drawing of the final bluestone arrangement (Stonehenge 3), the Bluestones are seen in their two concentric circles, one inside the periphery of the upright megalithic circle and one inside the periphery of the TRILITHON crescent and circling the DEATH STONE. The Bluestones represent us, the people of earth going through our cycles of life and death – a merry-go-round, so to speak. The real evidence of the solidness of this theory, is the array of the Bluestones. Notice how they group together, like families. There are three groups of 4 (parents and two offspring). There appears to be a group of seven (two parents between the great central TRILITHON and the DEATH STONE) with five offspring. There is the group of five with the parents straddling the axis at the entrance of the megalithic circle and another group of five towards the back. There appears to be at least 3 sets of couples and 3 single individuals. But no matter how this is interpreted, the grouping is very apparant and it must be the intention of the Neolithic Astronomers to portray the people of earth and the foundation of the family, the cornerstone of civilization and society.

Another important consideration in assigning the bluestones to mean THE PEOPLE is in their shapes. It is well known that in megalithic construction, a wide shape as opposed to a more slender shape denotes the feminine – women (when created in that way). The Bluestones at Stonehenge also exhibit this design. It can be clearly seen at Stonehenge today with the 5 stone family array stradling the axis at the entrance of the megalithic circle. The two adults are two stones, side by side with one more slender in shape and the other definitely wider in shape – hence – man and woman with their three children lined up beside them.

ARCHAEOSOPHY OF STONEHENGE I – THE METASPHEREStonehenge I began with a circular bank and ditch. The outer bank is the form and dimension of the metasphere. Compared to the earth, which is at the center (Stonehenge III), the metasphere is a colossal three dimensional realm. The earth is essentially two dimensional in that creatures there exist on the surface. The metasphere, when compared to the size of the earth sphere (Stonehenge III), comparatively measured, goes upwards thousands of miles. Since the circular bank and ditch earthwork was created first at Stonehenge, the metasphere was created before the earth. The metasphere was destined to have a planet of life within its circle. The metasphere is the second something, the indivisible realm.

The beings that live in the metasphere live in a three dimensional realm, horizontal and vertical, with zones and levels with particular attributes. The higher into the metasphere, the higher the evolution of the beings. So, it all begins at earth level and goes up from there. Those who dwell on the earth, are at the lowest level of the metasphere, and those that are first something beings (people) cannot see the metasphere with their first something senses. But human kind has always sensed the existence of the metasphere evidenced by the universal religion, or belief in another world, whether it be called the unknown universe, heaven, hell, paradise, hades, the astral plain, after world, life after death, world of the dead, realm of the ancestors, Valhalla, dream time, nether world, underworld, the ether, spirit world, ghosts, domain of the gods, Olympus, Eternity, life everlasting, nirvana, happy hunting ground, fourth dimension and a host of terms that are as old as human history and writing itself.

The three dimensional metasphere is a realm of many worlds that inhabit a realm far more vast than the two dimensional earth. The outer levels of the metasphere expand with the geometrical nature of the sphere. When one reads about the “heavenly” places in the world of the dead or the spirit world, magical forests and creatures are usually present. If that is the case, then the “forests” and its creatures are imitations. A real forest is a biological system of great complexity. This real world of great complexity does not fit into the SECOND SOMETHING existence of the METASPHERE. But I do have a description of what can be the “civilization” of the Metaspheric realms.

The Metaspheric realms can be like great cities. The structure of these “cities” can resemble most of anything since they are not biological creations. And of course, their composition would be the second something existence, the same type of structure that makes up the Metabeings also. The metaspheric cities can be gigantic or small. They can be spread across the colossal realm of the earths Metasphere in the three dimensions. The higher one would travel into the Metaspheric realms, the greater the city would be.

The banks of the outer circle at Stonehenge represent the outer limits of the metasphere. The earths metasphere is not the only one in the universe. There are many planets and solar systems throughout the cosmos of galaxies which have life and metaspheres of their own. The outer banks of the Stonehenge circle are akin to mountain ranges of the metasphere. They are the high places of the evolved metabeings.

The ditches of the outer banks symbolize the Third something – the dark forces of the control, the forces that create the universe and all form. When the sun creates the light display on the summer solstice, the ditches are in dark shadows – hence the dark force. The entire site at Stonehenge is encircled by the shadow darkness which also borders both sides of the avenue of the light. The shadows of darkness symbolize the creation power of all things, the third something, the unidentified forces that shape and control the fate of the cosmos, recently detected and measured by the telescopes of the Astronomers, a great modern discovery of science.

There are three original megaliths of Stonehenge I. Two stood at the entrance way and one stood outside the circle entrance. At Stonehenge, any single megalith (monolith) represents a living being. This has always been true throughout history, in that single standing stones can and usually do represent people. The original standing stones of Stonehenge I are powerful beings, unknown, but symbolic of what is to come and the power of the hierarchy. The original monoliths could also represent the creators of the monument itself.


The barrier guardians make their appearance in Stonehenge II. These are the “station stones”. These are four beings of power who dwell near the mountain range of the outer barrier, the high realms of the metasphere. They have differing attributes. Two of them are enclosed by circles of the Third Something dark force. Two of them are not. And the one is also enclosed by a metaspheric mountain creating an island in the metasphere. This is a special place, protected from the presence of the opposite of creation, the destroyer.

Here begins one of the great mysteries of existence, the interplay of creation and destruction. In the universe, these two forces work together, but in the end, it is always observed that creation wins. For instance, stellar supernovas create matter that becomes us. Or, when the theoretical “big bang” creation occurred, out from the incomprehensible chaos came organization, form and life. The universe is ruled by creation, not chaos.

The knowledge of the earth and its history is preserved in the islands of the metaspheric guardians. The “station stones” (metaspheric guardians) rule and protect the metasphere with authority and knowledge.

In Stonehenge II, is the first appearance of the “blue stones”. These are the people. But they are not earth people yet. They are the second something form of the people to be. They are the spirit forms, or the metabeings. They will become the people of the earth. In this early form of the monument, there is no earth sphere. These are beings who dwell in the metasphere. This is the plan of life on earth. They are aligned to the light because they are the followers of the light, and here they are beginning their journey. But first, they must be given a home to evolve in, and their home to be will be the earth.


The central aspect of the metasphere is the earth realm. The circular megalithic construction in the center represents the earth. The earth sphere has 30 doorways which are entrances and exits into the metasphere realms of the metabeings. Within the earthsphere are the people, the monoliths which form the inner circles grouped one to five in families, as singles, and couples. The circles of people represent the cycle of life and death and the evolution that occurs.

As the people circle in the evolution of life after life, they near the central pinnacle of the earth, the five central doorways that tower above all. Representing upward evolution, the five central megalithic doorways, called the trilithons, rise in height to the highest trilithon doorway which stands over the central axis line in which the light path of the summer solstice rising sun and the setting winter solstice sun passes through.

In front of the great doorway of the central trilithon is the altar stone, which represents death. It is the recumbent stone. The summer solstice sun rise casts its light beam through the avenue gateway guardians, into the earthsphere and across the death stone. It is the light of life, the light of resurrection from the dead. The setting winter solstice sun, when observed from the center, sinks and disappears into the death stone, symbolizing death. Six months later, on the morning of the longest day, the summer solstice, the sun beams a path of light over the death stone, resurrecting the earth being, in the cycle of life and death, the rebirth.


At Stonehenge, the central theme and meaning of the monument is Death and Rebirth. This is revealed by the two major solar alignments that occur every year with the light paths of the sun shining down the northeastern (June 21 sunrise) and southwestern (December 21 sundown) axis. In the literal sense, these two alignments make the monument an accurate sundial, bisecting the year, signaling the longest and shortest days of the year. The monument reveals the true “new year” on December 21. This is considered “pagan” by the main religions of the world, but in actuality, December 21 is the literal new year, the shortest day beginning its cycle to the longest day (June 21). The neolithic astronomers of Stonehenge got it accurate thousands of years ago.

This is the monument at sundown, December 21st. As the sun sinks in the southwest, the shadows align with the stones on the axis. The sun sinks down between the uprights of the central great Trilithon and disappears into the Altar stone (the Death stone) forming a path of light falling on the Death stone. The central axis light path falls on no other stone except the Death stone which lays directly on the central axis line. The Death stone (Altar stone) is the one uniqueWhat depiction of death can be more perfect? The Death stone represents the just deceased human person. As the sun sinks, darkness comes, the time of Death – the light of earth life goes out.

This is an example of modeling the complete archaeological reconstruction of the site. When the sun rises on the summer solstice, as the light shines from the sun, shadows are created which align down the northeastern axis. A light path is created that passes by the Sentinel stone (Heele stone), goes between the gateway guardian stones and two of the megalithic monument circles uprights and passes over the Death stone, signaling the resurrection or rebirth time. When the sun sets on the evening of the winter solstice, the shadows are reversed, signaling the time of death.

One of the great archaeological puzzles at Stonehenge is the question of why the Heele stone (avenue Sentinel stone) is not on axis but positioned slightly to the south of the central alignment axis line. This is why – to not obstruct the light path as it travels down the axis. This reveals the total lack of idolatry or “paganism” at the monument that might have been expressed by the neolithic astronomers. The light is what the monument focuses on, not the “power” of the stones.

The 30 doorways of the earthsphere receive and send out the metabeings, the disincarnated. When the disincarnated metabeing evolves, the light beam of resurrection summons the metabeing to the gateway of light and to the avenue sentinel.

Metabeings travel between the earth and the metaspheric realms through the doorways in the cycle of death and rebirth until the goal is met; to pass through the guardians of the gateway, to enter the gateway of light, transmigrate to new metaspheres, and transform into beings of a higher order. The highest order of beings are those that exist simultaneously in the first and second something, aware of the physical dimension and the realms of the unknown universe, the second something metasphere. Earth people only exist in the first something. But the goal is to become both the first something and the second something being, to join the metabeing and the earth being in one.

The union of the metabeing and the earthbeing is seen in the vision of the near death experience in which after going through a tunnel of darkness, a light ahead beckons. The metabeing of the earthbeing is but a fragment, a ghost of the whole metabeing. The ghost of the earthbeing meets the being of light at the end of the tunnel which emanates unconditional love. This is not a god, but the higher self that has lived many times. Only the metabeing of the self can give unconditional love to the earthbeing. When the earthbeing lives and evolves and passes through the guardians of the gateway, union is achieved at last. Then begins the dream of dreams, life complete in union with the two selves, the metabeing and the being of the first something, which will exist in the myriads of metaspheres and worlds of the unknown universe beyond the gateway.

Every human is two beings in one: the earth-physical body (first something) and the metabeing (second something). The metabeing is commonly known as a spirit or a ghost. There is one metabeing but when incarnated, the metabeing is cut off from the earth incarnation. The metabeing is fragmented and lives aware in the earthbeing. The higher metabeing exists in the metasphere and waits until death of the earth being parts its fragmented metabeing to return with new knowledge and living experience. The fragmented metabeing that incarnates into the earthbeing is unaware of its higher self, and that is to enable its earth incarnation to live and evolve without interference. If there is memory of past lives, that would be a hindrance. No one can withstand living in the earthsphere remembering the last death. Life would be meaningless and doomed to failure. All hope would be lost. Interference of the dead past is cut off so that only now is the life.

When the metabeing incarnates in the earthbody, a new life is created which will acquire positive and negative attributes derived from the life. There are no accidents in the incarnation. The metabeing reincarnates after the birth of the new earth being. This occurs many days after the birth, because there are no accidents allowed at the beginning of the earth life. The metabeing is paired with the new incarnation as best as the fates and chances of life allow. There is no future or past, just the present. There is no unfairness or injustice in incarnation. Unfairness and injustice will occur in the earth life, but that is the game to be played. Justice is a dream, a memory of past life. It is a myth in the earthsphere, but in the metasphere, justice and truth rules absolute. In the earthsphere, there is darkness and peril, but as the cycle goes around, the metabeing is given opportunity to achieve the dream of dreams, to attain union of the first and second something self.

The earth life creates the metabeings anew, erasing the past. The metabeings will live life after life, collecting knowledge thru living to recreate itself to a higher existence.

The first something earth being is mainly aware of its earthly self. It is insulated against full knowledge of its second something metabeing. Interference can disturb the evolution, and madness can result from knowing to much about the metabeing while in the earthbeing first something. The gulf between the meta and earth being is protection from interference. The past is dead. Life is now. When the final goal is achieved by the acquisition of the knowledge of how to make correct decisions, the metabeing will inherit the knowledge of many lives which enables choosing the knowledge that is good and just, and reject and be freed of that which is unworthy. That is the reward. It is not a free and undeserved gift from some god, but a wage received from lives lived and knowledge gained by action of living. The reward is not a free gift, but earned by living. That is why the earthbeings must go through life as individuals of one. Because when the earthbeing evolves and is enabled to pass through the guardians of the gateway, the sentinel of the way of light will greet the fulfilled and joined earth – metabeing as a worthy equal.


When one goes back to the Metasphere as a second something being, the start of that new existence would be what the Metabeing has become in the earth life. All the good and bad would be there and like the most ancient of religions teach, if the good outweighs the bad (to be determined by the masters that would be there), then the Metabeing is ready for the new realm and to advance. But if the bad outweighs the good, the Metabeing loses nothing but remains the same.

The idea of “taking away” is unacceptable to the higher beings. Who has the right to take anything away from the metaspheric acolyte? I suppose that would have to be some kind of “GOD” who knows all and is all, but then I or any one else on this planet has the slightest idea of what that “GOD” is, so the safest way to go would be to just ignore “GOD” and stay local as I have previously stated. If the metaspheric acolyte is unacceptable to the higher begins dwelling in the immediate metapsheric locale, then there will be no gifts bestowed and the metabeing must make the way alone and receive help from those similar which will be no help at all. So the end result of rejection from the hierarchy would be that the metabeings only choice would be to return to the earth realm to reincarnate or just hang around the metasphere forever which wouldn’t be the way.

Gifts are what the “judgment” is all about. When a Metabeing qualifies for higher metaevolution, the rewards are gifts bestowed upon the acolyte. These gifts can be any and all things – art. music, beauty and even the ability to travel and to fly through the metaspheric realms. While those not chosen for metaspheric evolution, will receive no gifts but will remain as they are upon entry into the metaspheric realms. In that case, reincarnation is the only way to continue on the path towards metaevolution. Earth life is where the metabeing qualifies.

One such gift would be the ability to “plug in”. Say one lived life as someone who was interested and had a desire to know the reality of ancient earth life, such as the dinosaurs. If that person qualifies to metaevolution, then during the transition periods, that metabeing would travel the metaspheric realms and the cities and would be invited to witness that great mystery of ancient life. Or, if the qualified metabeing lived earth life as a musician or music lover, there would be a way that metabeing could “plug in” and witness the premier of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony in early 19th century Vienna Austria.

A term used to describe these “memories” on record are what is called the “AKASHIC RECORDS”. This is a new age idea that has the antecedent from the New Testament of the Bible. Revelation 20:11-15 Then I saw a great white throne and the one who sat on it; the earth and the heaven fled from his presence, and no place was found for them. And I saw the dead, great and small, standing before the throne, and books were opened. Also another book was opened, the book of life. And the dead were judged according to their works, as recorded in the books. And the sea gave up the dead that were in it, Death and Hades gave up the dead that were in them, and all were judged according to what they had done. Then Death and Hades were thrown into the lake of fire. This is the second death, the lake of fire; and anyone whose name was not found written in the book of life was thrown into the lake of fire. The idea of a record of all things is here, but the harsh theology isn’t true. Biblical thinking is to black and white and unacceptable in its finality when it comes to the “final judgment”. Life is to much of a huge gray area to be black or white.

There are records in the metasphere of everything that has happened on the earth, and to access those records in the AKASHIC libraries, one must have the gift of an AKASHIC LIBRARY CARD. To see such things, the qualified metabeing must ASK or SEEK it. It’s all up to the Acolyte. That is where the wisdom accrued during the earth life comes into play. Stupid and ignorant goes nowhere.


In the gateway stand two guardians with absolute power and authority (the light of the rising solstice sun passes through them). They are the judges that decide who can pass through the gateway to the avenue of light and sentinel. The gateway of the guardians is a bridge. On either side of the gateway bridge is the abyss of the Third Something (the ditches of the earthwork). It is a fearful place, a place where only the qualified can cross, but the unqualified cannot pass. In the ancient religion of ZOROASTER, the belief system of the Persians, there is a strong doctrine of life after death and consequences of earthly deeds. In that religion is the CHINVAT Bridge (Bridge of the Requiter). This is the bridge of Judgment after death. After death, the spirit of the person comes to the bridge. If the persons good deeds outweigh the evil (to be determined by the guardians), the spirit will be allowed to pass and be met by a guardian spirit which will lead the spirit across the bridge to the most powerful judge of the realm (the avenue stone – the SENTINEL) where the spirit will be conducted to heaven. But if the spirits’ evil deeds outweight the good, then in the middle of the bridge, the spirit is hurtled into the abyss of hell.

Beyond the gateway entrance of the metasphere and across the bridge begins the avenue. This is the way of the light guarded by powers of the light. The great “Hele stone” is the light way guardian and is encircled by the Third Something forces. This is the master sentinel of the light way. In the island of the avenue master is knowledge of the universe and what dwells beyond. Beyond the sentinel is the avenue of light which connects the metaspheric domains of the cosmos. The avenue of light is the highway to the stars and galaxies in the universe which is full of life. The metabeing that passes all the tests and who achieves union with the higher self, inherits the universe and all within it – beyond “heaven”. When the Stonehenge region is observed from high above, the various mounds and burial mounds, earthworks and earthformations look like a vision of the night sky. The avenue of light is a highway of interconnection.

The gateway of light at Stonehenge has a representation in South America at a 12000 foot elevation at Tihuanaco in the Andes mountains of Bolivia near lake Titicaca. There stands a famous ancient megalithic monument, the Gateway of the Sun. It resembles a smaller Stonehenge Trilithon, but there are carvings on it. At the top is a figure generally held to represent the creator-god Viracocha. Surrounding the figure are many carvings of winged angel like beings serving him. Scientists are unable to translate the heiroglyphs and get a true meaning of the carvings. But it is clearly a depiction of spiritual heirarchey, where the crowned figure at the top is holding in his hands, rods with condor (huge vulture of the Andes – a god of the air) headfigures. This would represent the power of flight. But the god is crying (tears coming from his eyes) as if he has lost something. So it appears that the carvings represent some kind of lost race that had the power of flight, that they had lost. They lost their power probably because of some spiritual failings and the Gateway of the Sun is their monument to that.

A long time ago I met a being who was a first and second something union, the Ectogen, dream of dreams, marvelous to behold. The being said to me, “Greetings, I am powerful for I have lived many lives. If you want to be like me, live.”


Photographs of my model’s shadow and light display were placed by Professor Derek McNally of the University of London – college of astronomy and physics – with the Royal Astronomical society in London England in 1994 of which he is the director of the Stonehenge group. The above model in the photo of the light and shadow display at the summer solstice sunrise measures 4 feet accross and 9 feet long. It is the complete site which includes the outer bank and ditches, beginning of the avenue and the outer monoliths. The megalithic circle model (monument in the center of the site) measures about 1 foot in diameter.

All the drawings and the photos are copywritten by the author – RW McPherson. “STONEHENGE ARCHAEOSOPHY”, a book with archaeological details and many drawings is available from the author for $30.

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