lpf (latent pathogenic factor) etiology

Poor self-care leads to a weak constitution or a moment of indisposition; it is probable that typical promoting factors for cancer also are promoting factors for LPFs in the modern sense; for example, promoting factors for cancer include a diet that promotes diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, and these diseases imply a damp environment with phlegm stasis and middle jiao injury. LPFs are potentiated by a damp environment; fat soluble chemical exposures accumulate in fat tissues and the more fat cells you have (and a damp environment), the more exposure you suffer as those fat cells store chemicals that have a very long half-life. 3. Overwork may lead to not resting when sick (but working through the illness) and this then limits the body’s ability to heal itself; overwork also implies a lifestyle in which regular detoxification does not occur and this can allow for toxic accumulation over and beyond what would be considered typical. Sleep is included in this category. Sleep is essential to detoxification and the release of growth hormone for the rebuilding of normal tissue and function. Poor or little sleep leads to yin deficiency, among other things, and yin deficiency potentiates LPFs by drawing the pathogen deeper into the body. Resting allows for detoxification and depuration.

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