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Date: Wed 25 Jun 2008
Source: UK Reuters [edited]

An elderly British tourist has died at a hotel on Italy’s Lake Garda,
where dozens more visitors were taken sick with suspected food
, officials said on Wednesday [25 Jun 2008].

About 40 people fell ill at the weekend at a hotel in the town of
Gardone Riviera, in northern Italy, with symptoms including fever,
vomiting and diarrhea, and 27 of them were taken to hospitals in the
area. Health officials said the preliminary diagnosis was food
poisoning caused by _Salmonella_, a bacterium that can be transmitted
by raw, under cooked or badly prepared food, but that could not be
confirmed until more tests were carried out.

The victims included a 71-year-old man who died on arrival at a
hospital in the town of Gavardo and 17 British holiday makers who
were in hospital recovering.

The tourists were taken ill at the 4 star Grand Hotel Gardone Riviera
in the northern region of Lombardy. Garda is the largest lake in
Italy and a major tourist destination, with many exclusive hotels and
villas along its shore.

Hotel manager Franco Mizzarro said tests had not yet shown “what
caused the illness the people have.” Tourists were still using the
hotel pool and walking along the shores of the lake.

“The hotel is operating normally; we served meals using a catering
service,” Mizzarro told Reuters Television.

[Byline: Stephen Brown and Eleanor Biles]


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