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“Psychedelics were the bedrock of the 1960s. People took psychedelics, first went inward, and then turned outward to make changes based on what they had learned from psychedelics.“

Ram Dass, 1997



Together with Albert Hofmann as a guest of honor we very much look forward to seeing many of the participants of the 2006 LSD Symposium again at the World Psychedelic Forum, and to welcoming many new visitors. From 21st to 24th March 2008, in over 60 seminars, lectures, and panel discussions, more than 50 experts as well as some 30 “rising researchers” from all over the world will bear witness to, and shine light upon the multi-dimensional psychedelic experience with its tremendous potential for self-awareness and consciousness change.


See you in Basel!




Dieter A. Hagenbach







Energy Autonomy

wants to start a global movement. All over the world people are supporting the transition from fossil and nuclear energies to renewable energies. The core of this movement is Energy Autonomy – The Code of Survival, an independently produced and collectively financed film for theatrical release. Using compelling images and clear analyses, the movie will convince a broad public of the necessity and feasibility of energy transition by energy autonomy.


Future Mutations: An Interview with RU Sirius

In this interview, RU Sirius, a writer, musician, and counterculture icon, shares his thoughts about the future of biological and cultural mutations such as transhumanism, Virtual Reality, and life extension; the philosophies of Terence McKenna and Robert Anton Wilson; and Open Source politics.


Rapture and Revolution

Five discussions on entheogens, shamanism and the planetary shift with John Lash.



is Sanskrit for “Cosmic Play“, the universe experienced as arising from the joyous love play and creative adventures of the Divine. The website was created by painter and writer Daniel Mirante in 2000 as a resource for people exploring “medicine culture, “ shamanic forms of creativity and healing of the whole being, including breathwork, rebirthing and plant-based entheogenic practices.


Virtual Reality and Hallucination

Virtual Reality (VR), especially in a technologically focused discourse, is defined by a class of hardware and software, among them head-mounted displays (HMDs), navigation and pointing devices; and stereoscopic imaging. This presentation examines the experiential aspect of VR. An abstract by Diana Reed Slattery. Diana is a speaker at the World Psychedelic Forum.


Broadcasting the Third Kind

In early January, dozens of people in the small town of Stephenville, Texas witnessed a mysterious phenomenon in the evening sky – intensely bright lights that many believe were a UFO. Yet stranger still was the media frenzy that followed. Is the sudden mainstream interest in UFOs a sign of something deeper emerging in the public consciousness?


The Ambrosia Society

is dedicated to returning, the real Holy Grail to all who have lost the ancient secret. To share the ancient Sacrament with all who wish to taste the honey sweet knowledge of Divinity. To explore and teach the secrets of the Sacrament contained in the worlds ancient religious texts. The members of the Ambrosia Society believe that the Amanita muscaria mushroom is the Fruit of the Tree of Life, in the first book of the Bible and that through out its long history of religious use and worship it has acquired hundreds of Divine Names


The Flying Spaghetti Monster

may look funny, but it was taken very seriously by a panel at the American Academy of Religion annual conference. To a group of earnest academics who study faith, the Flying Spaghetti Monster — the spiritual icon of a new internet-based religion — is more than just a spicy pop-culture dish. They use words like “didactic device” to describe the beloved but carb-heavy god of Pastafarianism. They say the FSM is cloaked in a “folk-humor hybrid body,” and reveals a web-fueled movement toward “open source theology” that challenges existing beliefs.


Ayahuasca and Kabbalah

Since Aldous Huxley published “The Doors of Perception,” most spiritual practitioners have assumed that the point is: All is One. But as more spiritual seekers pursue non-unitive paths – including drinking ayahuasca and smoking DMT – Jay Michaelson is not taking a position on whether this “distortion” is for good or ill; in his own practice, the nondual/unitive perspective plays a central role, and he is grateful for it, whatever its sources. But he has a hunch that it is about to change.


The Millennium Group

Is organized to create an unbiased outlet for scientific research and critical thinking. Their goal is truth, however they do acknowledge the difficulties in attaining such a lofty destination. They respect tradition only as much as it assists them in their quest and does not hinder the journey toward their chosen goal.


The so called War on Drugs

has been first and foremost a War on Hemp. Even a small investigation reveals hundreds of ways the people of the United States of America could benefit from ending the hemp prohibition. Listen to Willie Nelson praising the Peaceful Solution Hemportunities. “As the TV series Weeds demonstrates in every episode, a hemped economy is a working economy, providing business and employment opportunities in sales, marketing, accounting, finance, agricultural, medical, technology, show business, real estate, leisure and food industries. With hemp, the world’s economy can rise like a phoenix from the ashes. Without it, we just have more of the same.” Willie Nelson


Atamai Village

is for people who want to feel totally good about the way they live. Using everything we know about gentle “green technology“, building biology and organic food growing with permaculture the village affords a high quality lifestyle with minimal effect on the environment. Residents contribute positively to addressing global concerns like climate change and energy challenges through the very way they live.


Ringing Rocks Foundation

Exploring the world, documenting and conserving healing practices and spiritual traditions.


The Creative Process and Entheogens

A long time ago he took his first dose of LSD. The experience was so rich and profound, coupled as it was with the meeting of his future wife, Allyson, that there seemed nothing more important than this revelation of infinite love and unity. Being an artist, he felt that this was the only subject worthy of his time and attention. Spiritual and visionary consciousness assumed primary importance as the focal point of his life and art. His creative process was transformed by the experience with entheogens. An article by Alex Grey. Alex is a speaker at the World Psychedelic Forum





The Way of Trance

is the second book by trance researcher Dennies R. Wier and a great introduction into the realm of trance. According to the author, trance covers a much wider spectrum than the cliché of ritual ecstatic trance, and it definitely has more to do with our daily thought processes and social interactions. The central thesis in Wier’s book is that outside influence changes our destiny by altering the way we perceive or process information. When practiced with loving compassion, it can be a powerful source of healing, inspiration and self-realization.


Psychedelic Science online

In 1997, BBC science programme Horizon broadcast a legendary edition on the use of psychedelic drugs in medicine. Luckily, it’s been uploaded to Google Video and you can now watch the whole thing online.







21 – 24 March 2008

World Psychedelic Forum

Consciousness Change

A Challenge of the 21st Century

Congress Center Basel

Presented by Gaia Media Foundation


30 April – 3 May 2008

World Forum for Animals



11 – 18 August 2008

Boom Festival







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