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Terrence McKenna - the force will be with you...always

Terence McKenna

“Pay attention.
And keep breathing.” — T. McKenna (1946-2000)

This nOde
last updated November 27th, 2004 and is permanently morphing…

(9 Ix (Jaguar) / 17 Keh (Red) – 74/260 –

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  • Terence McKenna relinquished his body at 2:15 a.m.
    Pacific time, April 3, 2000.  RIP 1946-2000
  • internal linkpsychedelic
    heir apparent to internal linkTimothy
  • internal linkMushrooms
  • internal linkDMT
  • brother – Dennis McKenna

    boundary dissolution... Timothy Leary's finger

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sampled in:

Space Tribe - Sonic Mandala Eat Static - Abduction
  • internal link604
    track _Atomic internal linkPowwow_
    MP3atomjacked inventory cache
    by Space Tribe off of _Sonic internal linkMandala_

    on Spirit Zone (1996)

    • cover depics sacred internal linkmushroom
    • samples: “Whatever you have thought about the world
      before, forget it, now you are in this one.”;  “What internal linkevolution
      is, is the slow conquest of internal linkdimensions.”;
      “Music has always been the way..”
       Space Tribe - Atomic Powwow mp3 sample stream

      – Terence McKenna

  • ambient track _Hymn_ MP3atomjacked inventory cache
    (27:54) by Pete Namlook & Mixmaster Morris off of _Dreamfish_ CD on
    FAX (1993)
    • sample: “the god of western civilization has NOTHING
      to do with women…”
  • track internal link_Prana_
    MP3atomjacked inventory cache
    by internal linkEat
    off of _Abduction_ CDatomjacked inventory cache
    on Planet Dog/Mammoth (1993)
    • sample: “we’re not dropping out here… we’re infiltrating
      and TAKING OVER.”
      from the Camden Talks 6/15/92
  • 604 track _1200 Mics_ MP3atomjacked inventory cache
    by 1200 Micrograms off of _1200 Micrograms/Growling Mad Scientists_ 12″atomjacked inventory cache
    on internal linkTipworld
    • sample: “i remember the first internal linktime
      i smoked internal linkDMT…”

      by Terence McKenna
Shpongle - Tales Of The Inexpressable 5 MEO DMT
  • 604 track _A New way To Say
    “Hooray”_ MP3 (192k)atomjacked inventory cache
    by internal linkShpongle
    off of _Tales Of The Inexpressible_ on internal linkTwisted 

    (internal link2001)

    • samples by Terence McKenna re:
      the internal linkDMT
Evolution 12 on One Little Indian (1993)
    • “so you take let us assume
      a third toke, looong and sloowww, you vapooorize and you take it in and
      in and in… and there is a sound like the crumpling of a plastic bread
      wrapper or the crackling of a flame and a tone, a tone, a mmmmmmmmMMMMMM…
      and there is this…. (explosion)  there is a cheer…  the gnomes
      have learned a new way to say hooooorrraaaaaayyyyyyy”
    • “these walls, such they be,
      are crawling with geometric hallucination…”
    • “Very brightly coloured,
      very irridescent. Deep sheens and very highly reflective surfaces everything
      is machine-like and polished and throbbing with energy but that is not
      what immediately arrests my internal linkattention.
      What arrests my attention is the fact that this space is inhabited.”
    • “And so like jewelled self
      dribbling internal linkbasketballs
      these things come running forward and what they are doing with this visible internal linklanguage
      that they create is they are making gifts! They are making gifts for you
      and they will say …”
  • internal link604
    track _Skwirm_ MP3 (192k)atomjacked inventory cache 
    by internal linkAndy
    aka Funkopath off of internal link_All
    Boundaries Are Illusion_
    compilation CDatomjacked inventory cache
    on internal link21-3 


    • sample: “A internal linkpsychedelic
      person is not willing to be a good citizen, or a good anything that is
      defined by somebody else. I mean, the internal linkshaman
      is a true anarchist..”;  “Wisdom… Consciouness expanding”
       Funkopath - Skwirm mp3 sample stream

      by Terence McKenna

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  • 604 track _In internal linkMemory
    Of Terence McKenna_ MP3 (192k)atomjacked inventory cache
    by Cosma internal linkShiva

    off of 12″ on Shiva Space Technology (internal link2001)

  • collaboration with The internal linkShamen
    on the track _Re: internal linkEvolution_ 
    off of their 12″atomjacked inventory cache
    on One Little Indian (1993)
    • One Little Indian – label started by ex-peace punks
      Derek Birkett and Tim Kelly of anarcho-internal linkpunk
      band internal linkFlux
      Of Pink Indians
  • track _Nature Loves Courage_ MP3atomjacked inventory cache
    by Catal Hayuk
  • track _Re:Evolution (Future Sound Of London Remix)_
    atomjacked inventory cache
  • track internal link_Alchemical internal linkIlluminatus_
    MP3atomjacked inventory cache
    by Neuronaut & Terence McKenna
Alchemy Illuminatus
  • lecture (vhs/ntsc)atomjacked inventory cache
  • lecture video _Metamorphosis
    – Trialogues internal linkAt
    The internal linkEdge
    Of The West_ (vhs/ntsc)atomjacked inventory cache
    – Terence McKenna, internal linkRupert
    , Ralph Abraham discuss at Esalen
    • Terence talks about Ilya Prigogine
      – Belgian thermdynamicist
    • Rupert talks about meeting
      Terence, Esalen, going to India, internal linkpsychedelics,
      his development of habits in nature vs. Terence’s novelty in nature
    • Ralph talks about music and
      math, living in Himalayas, introduction to psychedelics
    • Rupert has a Ph.d. in biochemistry
    • Rupert explains internal linkmorphic
    • Terence explains Ralph’s models
      of internal linkchaos
    • Rupert explains cracking of
      the egg – nature’s internal linklaws
      develop as it goes along
  • lecture _Petaluma, CA_ MP3atomjacked inventory cache
    (29:34) (mixed with internal linkambient
  • lecture _Nature Is The Center Of The internal linkMandala
    – 1_ MP3 (32k)atomjacked inventory cache
    – (44:09)
  • lecture internal link_Dreaming
    Awake At The End Of Time_ MP3 (vK)atomjacked inventory cache
    – (truncated 45:23)
  • lecture internal link_Psilocybin
    & The Sands Of internal linkTime
    – Esalen December 1982_ MP3 (112k)atomjacked inventory cache
    – (73:48)
  • lecture _Unfolding The Leaf #006 KPFK_ MP3 (48k)atomjacked inventory cache
    – (15:22)
  • lecture _Unfolding The Stone Part 2_ MP3 (20k)atomjacked inventory cache
    – (31:30)
  • lecture _Nature Is The Center Of The Mandala – 2_
    MP3 (32k)atomjacked inventory cache
    – (44:12)
  • lecture internal link_Surfing
    On Finnegan’s Wake
    – 1_ MP3 (96k)atomjacked inventory cache
    – (38:21)
  • lecture _Surfing On Finnegan’s Wake – 2_ MP3 (96k)atomjacked inventory cache
    – (36:14)(possibly truncated)
  • lecture internal link_DMT
    Prep_ MP3 (64k)
    atomjacked inventory cache
  • lecture internal link_History
    Ends In Green
    Part 1/6_ MP3 (56k)atomjacked inventory cache
    – (59:54) on Mystic Fire Audio
  • lecture _History Ends In Green Part 2/6_ MP3 (56k)atomjacked inventory cache
    – (55:24)
  • lecture _History Ends In Green Part 3/6_ MP3 (56k)atomjacked inventory cache
    – (89:42)
  • lecture _History Ends In Green Part 4/6_ MP3 (56k)atomjacked inventory cache
    – (86:14)
  • lecture _History Ends In Green Part 5/6_ MP3 (56k)atomjacked inventory cache
    – (87:27)
  • lecture _History Ends In Green Part 6/6_ MP3 (56k)atomjacked inventory cache
    – (56:43)
  • lecture _The World And Its Double – 1/4_ MP3 (80k)atomjacked inventory cache
    – (46:12)
  • lecture _The World And Its Double – 2/4_ MP3 (80k)atomjacked inventory cache
    – (40:11)
  • lecture _The World And Its Double – 3/4_ MP3 (80k)atomjacked inventory cache
    – (44:52)
  • lecture _The World And Its Double – 4/4_ MP3 (80k)atomjacked inventory cache
    – (26:23)
  • lecture internal link_In
    Search Of
    The Original Tree Of Knowledge Part 1/internal link8
    – Live from Boulder, CO_ MP3 (48k)atomjacked inventory cache(88:02)
  • lecture _In Search Of The Original Tree Of Knowledge
    Part 2/8 – Live from Boulder, CO_ MP3 (48k)atomjacked inventory cache(88:24)
  • lecture _In Search Of The Original Tree Of Knowledge
    Part 3/8 – Live from Boulder, CO_ MP3 (48k)atomjacked inventory cache(87:35)
  • lecture _In Search Of The Original Tree Of Knowledge
    Part 4/8 – Live from Boulder, CO_ MP3 (48k)atomjacked inventory cache(86:54)
  • lecture _In Search Of The Original Tree Of Knowledge
    Part 5/8 – Live from Boulder, CO_ MP3 (48k)atomjacked inventory cache(86:53)
  • lecture _In Search Of The Original Tree Of Knowledge
    Part 6/8 – Live from Boulder, CO_ MP3 (48k)atomjacked inventory cache(59:35)
  • lecture _In Search Of The Original Tree Of Knowledge
    Part 7/8 – Live from Boulder, CO_ MP3 (48k)atomjacked inventory cache(58:42)
  • lecture _In Search Of The Original Tree Of Knowledge
    Part 8/8 – Live from Boulder, CO_ MP3 (48k)atomjacked inventory cache(43:03)
  • lecture _Wetlands Preserve NYC_ MP3 (128k)atomjacked inventory cache
    – (41:19)
  • lecture internal link_Imagination
    In The internal linkLight
    Of Nature – Q&A_ (48k)atomjacked inventory cache
    – (32:21)
    • Q: this is the question about
      the “great internal linkattractor
      that you mentioned… did you ever see that movie internal link2001?
    • TM: ah, a couple of times
      [laughter from the audience]

      Q: could the great attractor
      be symbolized in that movie by the internal linkmonolith?

      TM: yeah, absolutely… that’s
      the myth of what i’m saying… if instead of having those monkeys jumping
      around in front of a slab of linoleum, they had had them cavorting in the
      presence of the mushroom, then you would pretty much have my theory in a

  • lecture _Angels, internal linkAliens
    internal linkArchetypes_
    MP3 (48k)atomjacked inventory cache
    – (41:30)
  • lecture _Eros & internal linkEschaton_
    MP3 (32k)atomjacked inventory cache
    – (118:58)
  • lecture _Psychedelic Denial_ MP3 (48k)atomjacked inventory cache(3:11)
  • lecture _Food Of The Gods @ internal linkPhoenix
    Bookstore in Santa Monica_ (32k)atomjacked inventory cache
    – (58:11)
  • lecture _Syntax Of Psychedelic internal linkTime
    (cd2)_ MP3 (112k)atomjacked inventory cache(truncated
  • lecture _Personal Breast Beating_ MP3atomjacked inventory cache
  • lecture _Starwood Festival 1994 Part 1_ MP3 (12k)atomjacked inventory cache(46:44)
  • lecture _Starwood Festival 1994 Part 2_ MP3 (12k)atomjacked inventory cache(47:02)
  • lecture _Starwood Festival 1994 Part 3_ MP3 (12k)atomjacked inventory cache(47:03)
  • lecture _State Of The Stone 1995 Part 1_ MP3 (160k)atomjacked inventory cache 
  • lecture _Now I’ve Lost My Way Here_ MP3atomjacked inventory cache
  • acoustic new age track _Terence McKenna (Introduced
    By internal linkTimothy
    )_ MP3 (96k)atomjacked inventory cache
  • acoustic new age track with words _Consciousness Expanding
    Agents_ MP3 (96k)atomjacked inventory cache
  • lecture _What I Have Learned From internal linkPsychedelics
    Part 1_ MP3 (64k)atomjacked inventory cache(7:05)
  • lecture _She Who Remembers – internal linkLight
    Of The 3rd Millenium – Chicago After TX Whole Life Expo Pt. 2 (1997)_ MP3
    (48k)atomjacked inventory cache(27:15)
  • lecture _Light Of The 3rd Millenium – Austin TX_ MP3
    (20k)atomjacked inventory cache(
  • lecture _Light Of 3rd Millenium – Chicago_ MP3 (20k)atomjacked inventory cache(87:24)
  • lecture _Notes On Planetary Intelligence – Jan 1999_
    MP3atomjacked inventory cache
    • “if the world is code, then it can be internal linkhacked…”

fusion telex

_Critique Magazine_: “Well Terence, now I’m wondering
what you think the ultimate goal of human internal linkevolution

Terence McKenna:  “Oh, a good party…”

  • 604 track _The Ultimate Goal_ MP3atomjacked inventory cache
    by Kode IV off of _Silicon Civilization_



fusion telex


  • _Food Of The Gods_
  • _Trialogues At The Edge Of The West_ along with Ralph
    Abraham and internal linkRupert

  • _True Hallucinations_atomjacked inventory cache
True Hallucinations by Terence McKenna I Ching

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“In _Finnegans Wake_ by internal linkJames
, such a space is called the ‘merry internal linkgo
raum,’ from the German word ‘raum’, for ‘space.’  The room is actually
going around, and in that space one feels like a child, though one has come
out somewhere in eternity.”

 -Terence McKenna – internal link_Archaic
atomjacked inventory cache 

James Joyce x3

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Forward The Future

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“We need to cultivate a sense of
mystery.  The mystery is not only in the Other; it is in us.  This
reverberates again with the idea that we become what we behold.  The nature
of history is suddenly transforming in the postinternal linkquantum
physics, postmodern phase;  this was not expected.  The nineteenth
century, the early twentieth century – they didn’t realize this was what they
were pointed into.  Although some few people, the ‘Pataphysicians, the internal linksurrealists,
saw what was coming.  But now here we are.”

 – Terence McKenna – _Archaic
atomjacked inventory cache

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“This is a kind of Islamic paradise in which one is free
to experience all the pleasures of the flesh provided one realizes that one
is a projection of a internal linkholographic
solid-state internal linkmatrix
that is microminiaturized, superconducting, and nowhere to be found: it is part
of the plenum. All technological history is about producing prototypes of this
situation with greater and greater closure toward the ideal, so that airplanes,
automobiles, space shuttles, space colonies, starships of the  nuts-and-bolts,
speed-of-internal linklight
type are, as Mircea Eliade said, “self-transforming images of flight that speak
volumes about man’s aspiration to self-transcendence.”

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“Man is a very odd creature. 
And to have arisen in a million years from the chipping of flint to launching
of the space shuttle and the hurling of instruments out of the solar system,
it seems preposterous to maintain that the forces and facts of nature as we
know them could have allowed us to do what we are doing.  Instead, I take
a very premodern view:  we are in league with the demiurge.  We are
the children of a internal linkforce
that we can barely internal linkimagine.”
– _Archaic Revival_ p. 40

Light Saber

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internal linkWhy
Did The Chicken Cross The Road?

Terence McKenna: He was impelled
by the backward shockwave of the internal linkEschaton

the self-replicating machine hens glittering internal linkhyperspatially
the road.



Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?

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release _Steve’s internal linkGreen
Thing_ CDs by Self-Transforming Machine Elves_ on Nova Zembla (1995)

  • _Wun_
  • _Free_
  • _Steve’s Green Thing_
  • _Fore_

    Self Transforming Machine Elves - Steve's Green Thing CDs

    fusion telex

    first mention of Terence McKenna
    in internal linkUsenet:

    From: Bandolar (

    Subject: Re: Questions on
    Jacking (long and rambling)

    Newsgroups: alt.cyberpunk

    Date: 1989-08-03 19:13:22


    > Speaking of alternate internal linkrealities,
    there is an weird and wonderfully

    > interesting person named
    Terence McKenna who proposes something of the

    > same sorts of things about
    our favorite “magic internal linkmushrooms.”
    🙂 But this

    > probably too obscure to
    go into here…


    I had always wondered about
    the possibility of hypnotism to create this effect. For example, your screen
    is split into three sections

    /what you hear

    |what you see


    All are text but your are hypnotised
    into interpreting them into actual visual images.  Afterwards, on exiting
    the internal linktrance,
    you remember the events that took place as if you actually lived them. 
    In a similar sense, it seems to me that a internal linkD&D
    game could be played on the same level.  If it were possible I would certainly
    find it very interesting and even seductive.


    external linkHyperborea

    external linkTrue
    Hallucinations benefit CD

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